Zeta Chemistry Industry Trade Ltd. Company had been established in 2000 with the aim of producing, importing, exporting and marketing chemical products in line with the needs of leather industry. Operating primarily in leather industry, it provides products and service for some other fields including textile industry as well.

Since 2004, Zeta has been carrying on its production and R&D activities in its own 4000 m² plant located in Uşak Integrated Industrial Park, and providing the products and technologies needed and demanded by its partners in ten different countries worldwide.

Having started nineteen years ago, we still continue our journey with the same excitement and drive we had on the first day to fulfill our role as the solution partner of our clients with our extensive product range, the procurement of products needed in various segments and countries, technical support and post-sale services delivered by our team of experts.


Our primary goal is to protect our quality standards in order to fulfill our role as a partner, who is continuously striving to please and comfort our business partners, customers and employees, offering the most suitable product and services in line with the needs and expectations of our customers. Equipment and furnishings of our plant have been selected and organized in the best and most suitable way possible for the health and well-being of Zeta employees as a natural extension of our contemporary, healthy and environmentally-conscious philosophy of life. In setting company’s vision, our priority is to meet the demands and expectations of our customers at the highest level possible by continually improving the quality of our product and services, and to be the most-preferred company by our business partners.


Following the European Council Regulations and California Enactments, there has been certain restrictions in the use of finishing chemicals in order to protect the environment. In compliance with those regulations, Zeta produces eco-friendly products free of risk-bearing chemicals for leather industry. Ecological demands and fitting solutions are meticulously followed starting from production phase of the products to be used in leather factories providing leather for shoes, bags, upholstery and clothing.