ZETABINDER 3023 is suitable as bottom coat to be polished and as auxiliary to improve the grafting of finishing blends. It’s suggested for those articles where good coating and sealing are requested. It gives leather soft and natural look, with good brightness and gloss of films. It is also suggested for impregnation.


ZETABINDER 4680 is a general purpose resin, but it can be also used alone for bottom or base coat solutions. It has excellent cross-linking features even at low temperature, good coating properties on corrected grain leathers and does not affect leather softness. It also has excellent hot plate resistance. It also confers slippery, smooth and not tacky touch, thus resulting in clean and smooth grain, even when a thick layer of resin has to be applied.


ZETABINDER 9120 is a very fine binder, with excellent penetration, adhesion and flexibility. Suitable for nappa and full grain leathers, it allows to obtain fine, light and very natural finishing. It is also suitable for impregnation, as it allows to obtain good sealing of grain, without affecting leathers softness and consistancy.


ZETACOMPACT 2091, Poliüretanlar,akrilik binderler ve vaksların karısımıdır. Film yapısı olarak yumusak, mat ve elastiktir. Bununla beraber mükemmel bir dolduruculuk örtücülük ve yumusaklığa sahiptir. Cok az yapıskandır.En basarılı özelliği, mükemmel esneme yeteneğidir.

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